Extra Crispy Fried Chicken!! 🍗 STREET FOOD KOREA + My New Favorite Korean Food!

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SOUTH KOREA – We’re continuing with our Korean food road trip and today we’re fist eating some of the crispiest Korean fried chicken, then we’ll try legendary hay barbecue, and finish with spicy monkfish – probably my new favorite food in all of Korea!

Yangdong Market – We’re beginning in Gwangju at Yandong Market and straight to Yangdong Tongdak (양동통닭), one of the famous destinations for Korean fried chicken – a sensation around the world. They are known for their extra crispy fried chicken. But how do they do it?
Price: 21,000 KRW ($15.72 USD) per chicken

Duam Sikdang (두암식당) – Next stop we’re heading to Mongtan, South Korea, where they are known for their original hay smoked bbq. Thin slices of pork belly are ignited over burning hay.
Price: 16,000 KRW ($11.98 USD) per tray

Naegohyang Agujjim (내고향아구찜) – Finally we drove to the city of Masan, South Korea where they invented agujjim, steamed monkfish made into a spicy stew with bean sprouts. It was probably the spiciest Korean food I’ve ever had, and one of my new favorites of all Korean foods! Price: 45,000 KRW ($33.69 USD) per dish

Thank you to KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) for sponsoring and making my trip to South Korea happen!

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