50 Chilies Papaya Salad!! SPICY THAI FOOD in Thailand! | Khon Kaen (ขอนแก่น)

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KHON KAEN, THAILAND (ขอนแก่น) – Today we’re in Khon Kaen (ขอนแก่น), northeastern Thailand to uncover Thailand’s hidden dish of Isaan; Au pla (Herbal freshwater fish soup อ๋อปลา). It’s a traditional dish of a medley of herbs with freshwater fish and seasoned with a splash of fermented fish sauce.

Au pla (Herbal freshwater fish soup อ๋อปลา)

Part 2) THAILAND’S HIDDEN DISHES, with Tourism Authority of Thailand – This is Part 2 of this 5 Part video series, where I’m traveling around Thailand to eat 5 hidden dishes!

Som Tam Kuk Kai (ส้มตำ กุ๊กไก่) – https://maps.app.goo.gl/6D6oBcu99oNnETHb6 – First, when you visit Khon Kaen, you absolutely don’t want to miss eating som tam pu plaraa, green papaya salad with fermented fish sauce and crab. We had some grilled chicken and soup just to get the mouth juices watering before the bigger meal!

Huan Kamnang (เฮือนคำนาง ขอนแก่น) – https://maps.app.goo.gl/Gj1vHdEWLNs4Aunc6 – It was a huge honor to meet up with Khun Kamnang from Huan Kamnang (เฮือนคำนาง ขอนแก่น) in Khon Kaen. She’s a writer, historian and Chef who promotes traditional and often times long lost Isaan foods, and she’s been promoting Au pla (Herbal freshwater fish soup อ๋อปลา) for years. It was an absolutely sensational dish and meal experience, with all the other dishes she prepared as well. I can say it was one of the best Isaan meals I’ve ever had.

แก่น I KAEN – https://maps.app.goo.gl/ikChYhSngmnDHHkz8 – Finally to complete this Thai food tour we went to a new restaurant called Kaen where they are serving modern takes on Isaan food.

Video 2 / 5 Khon Kaen (ขอนแก่น), Stay tuned for all 5 Videos!

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