Extreme Thai Street Food – JACUZZI MEAT PARADISE! | Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่), Thailand

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🍴 Goyae Jaogao Restaurant (ร้านก๊ะเหย๊าะ เจ้าเก่า): https://goo.gl/maps/Vv7Gd8gsF6M8Ec8L9

Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่), Thailand – Welcome to Hat Yai, in the Songkhla province of Southern Thailand – home to insanely delicious Thai street food, and some of the friendliest, nicest people I’ve met in all of Thailand. Today, we had the special opportunity to eat at Goyae Jaogao Restaurant (ร้านก๊ะเหย๊าะ เจ้าเก่า), a restaurant known locally for its goat curry, beef curry, and cow hoof soup – made in an extreme way. #streetfood #ThaiFood #Thailand

We arrived at 8 am in the morning to watch Aunty as she started cooking. I loved everything about the restaurant and her style as soon as she arrived. You’ll notice there’s not just one giant jacuzzi of boiling curry, not two, but 6 in the front, all bubbling away – with another in the back. The day we went she cooked an entire goat of curry, plus 50 kilos of cow hoofs, another huge amount of beef curry, and finally one of her specialities – beef bone soup with chamuang leaves, or garcinia cowa leaves.

My favorite styles, the best part of her cooking was when she tied the lemongrass like a rope and crumpled the garcinia cowa leaves and chucked them into the massive posts of bubbling curry. Amazing!

We ordered and ate everything she has on her menu, and honestly I would recommend everything, it was that good:

Beef curry (แกงเผ็ดเนื้อ)
Goat curry (แกงแพะ)
Cow foot soup (ช่อมาลี)
Bone soup (ซุปกระดูก)
Organ soup (ซุปเครื่องใน)
Omelet (ไข่เจียว)

Total price – 600 THB ($19.12) for everything

She makes some of the best beef soup that I’ve ever had in Thailand, maybe the world, and the cow hoof soup was extraordinary. Both curries were also fantastic. Amazing restaurant and hospitality, must eat when you’re in Hat Yai (หาดใหญ่)!

Thank you for watching, hope you’re having a fantastic day!



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