The Ultimate SAUDI ARABIAN FOOD Tour in Riyadh!! 5 Best Restaurants You Can’t Miss!

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RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA – Welcome to Riyadh, the biggest city in Saudi Arabia and home to diverse people, and some incredibly delicious food. Today I’m taking you on an ultimate local Saudi Arabian food tour of Riyadh, we’ll be eating some of the greatest dishes, food you don’t want to miss!

Here are all the locations featured in this food review:

1. Fawal Abo Salem ( – We’re beginning this Saudi Arabian food tour in Riyadh with a staple breakfast – ful – mashed fava beans that likely originate in Egypt, but are widely popular throughout the entire region. Ful medames at Fawal Abo Salem for breakfast is some of the best in the entire city – and I was blown away by the quality and flavor, paired with the freshly baked bread.

2. Camel liver – I’m not totally sure of the name of this place, but they are famous for their fried camel liver, sauteed down with onions and peppers. It’s truly tasty, right off the hot griddle with fresh bread and a dash of hot sauce.

3. Alnaqaa Falafel & Hummus ( – To eat the best Falafel and Hummus and Riyadh, you have to go to Alnaqaa – it’s absolutely legendary, and it felt as though I was right back on the streets of Beirut. One of their specialties is a giant falafel stuffed with caramelized onions. And make sure you order the entire falafel mountain!

4. Kebda Restaurant ( – This Riyadh food tour is not complete with only camel liver – another popular liver to eat is lamb liver, and this time it’s not served on a plate, but with bread, sandwich style. Some of the tastiest lamb liver you’ll ever try!

5. Sudah Restaurant ( – To begin this food tour and to end this food tour, it was a privilege to spend some time at Sudah Restaurant to learn about Haneed, an Arabian food that at this restaurant originates from Aseer Province. They still make it the traditional way, loading parted out young lambs into an underground oven, layered with a specific type of hay that holds in the moisture and gives a distinct fragrance. The result is smokey lamb served over a mountain of rice, that literally melts in your mouth with the smoky fragrance of the hay. It was an unforgettable meal experience in Saudi Arabia!

And that wraps up this ultimate Saudi Arabian food tour in Riyadh, what a day of delicious food.

Thank you to Visit Saudi Arabia for arranging my food trip to Saudi Arabia!





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