Fat biking: what the new hipster ski holiday experience is really like?


High on the ski location, additional than one,000m over the Austrian resorts of Kitzbühel and Kirchberg, circumstances were being grim. Snow was slipping, but it was moist and sticky and visibility was so inadequate, anybody unfamiliar with the mountains was decreased to adhering to other skiers in the hope that they understood wherever they were being heading. It was the kind of working day when you just want to get off the mountain and do a thing else. So that&#x2019s what I did.

In the past couple a long time, alpine resorts have started out giving unwanted fat bikes to company, possibly for use on guided &#x201Csafaris&#x201D, or just for hire. They appear like mountain bikes on steroids, their frames bulging outwards at the entrance and again, their tyres so pumped up they can be 5 inches…

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