King of Ceviche – HUGE FLOUNDER Peruvian Food at Chez Wong in Lima, Peru!

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CHEZ WONG – Known for his ceviche, and cooking stir fry with a massive, borderline dangerously huge flame, Chef Javier Wong is a legend of Peruvian food, especially Peruvian Chinese food. I first saw Chez Wong when Anthony Bourdain went there, and I knew it was a place I eventually wanted to go when I visited Peru. Today was that day! #Peru #Lima #PeruvianFood #ceviche

1. Open hours: 1 pm – 3:30 pm (this is ceviche time in Peru)
2. Reservations are a must, no walk-ins

Part of the reason to eat at Chez Wong when you’re in Lima is to experience the show of him cooking – he’s truly gifted and skilled at cooking and at performing. The highlight is him bringing a huge Peruvian sole (flounder, known as Lenguado in Spanish) out from the kitchen to prepare lunch for all the guests. You don’t know what you’ll get on his menu, and I think he used to make more dishes, but he’s making fewer dishes now. But you get whatever he makes for that day.

Ceviche – You’re guaranteed to have a taste of Chez Wong’s legendary ceviche. What impressed me was its simplicity, fresh fish, lime juice, salt, and pepper, onions, and that’s it – but with some chilies on the side. The Leche de Tigre, or ceviche juice, is out of this world. I wouldn’t say it’s the best Peruvian ceviche you’ll eat in Lima, but it was one of the freshest and definitely the cleanest tasting ceviche I had during my trip. The fish was outstanding. I was hoping for tiradito as well, but I think he doesn’t make it anymore.

Stir Fry – After ceviche, Chef Javier Wong sliced up more of the fish and added some ingredients like bok choy and mandarin to a metal mixing bowl. Then he went to the back to stir fry. His stir frying skills are next level master, genius. He cranks the fire so high, the flame reaches the ceiling before he even adds the food. The stir fry goes up in a flame of glory, infusing all the ingredients with the glorious breath of the wok. It’s truly beautiful to see him so calm with the fire. The stir fry was incredibly tasty, perfectly seasoned and balanced. And again, that fish was the highlight.

Total price – 545 PEN ($164.38), for 4 adults.

It’s not a cheap meal, but the fish is next level, it’s a once in a lifetime meal, and Chef Javier Wong truly is a special amazing man.

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