Amazing Food at a Malaysian Wedding and a Surprise Durian!

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One of the most memorable experiences I had when we were in Langkawi, Malaysia, was attending a local Malaysian wedding. It happened to be wedding season in Langakawi when we were there, and our guide Wan Kash, and driver Fami, said we could just stop by at a wedding on the side of the road, just to see it and maybe eat. So while we were driving around, we found a wedding one afternoon, and stopped in. The family was extremely welcoming and invited us into their home and generously gave us a feast to eat.

Buffalo curry is one of the most well known foods to eat at a Malaysian wedding, and as soon as we arrived to the wedding the first thing I saw was the massive pan of buffalo curry slowly simmering away and being stirred not by a spoon, but by a paddle. The buffalo curry cook gave me a piece of the buffalo and it was incredibly soft and tender, and had an almost irony flavor and livery texture it was so soft. They invited us to sit down with all the cooks and the family and they soon dished us our a full wedding meal including all the dishes they were serving. There was the buffalo curry, red chicken curry, fried fish, a soup made with taro stems, and finally a yellow shredded mango salad. I scooped some of all the dishes onto my plate and got ready to start chowing down.

All the food was incredible. One of my favorite dishes at this Malaysian wedding feast was the yellow mango salad which included shredded yellow mango, peanuts, sliced Chinese long beans and shallots, and what tasted like some toasted shredded coconut. The salad had a contrast of sweet and salty, and it tasted excellent with the rice and mixture of different curries. As we were eating, one of the ladies handed us a plate of Langkawi style laksa, thick rice udon noodles topped with a pureed fish curry, mixed with slices of cucumber and onions. The curry was similar to Penang laksa, but a bit different and it had a wonderful sour flavor to it.

Our guide Wan Kash, as we were eating and making this video, showed some of the aunties our videos and youtube and they had seen that we loved durian so much. So literally, while we were still eating, someone went into the backyard of the house and picked a fresh durian, and handed me half. I knew there as durian somewhere near because of the undeniable aroma that immediately filled the outside air. The durian was perfectly ripe, sweet and butter with a slight bitter tinge.

After eating, we then got to see a little bit of the Malaysian wedding ceremony, which was incredible to see. It was an amazing experience, and I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to attend, experience, and enjoy the amazing food at this wedding in Langkawi. Thank you for the family!

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