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One of my personal favorite things to do anywhere I travel is visit local markets – and I’m talking about local fresh wet markets that sell food and ingredients. In Phuket Town (ภูเก็ต), in the morning there is a Phuket market called Talad Kaset (ตลาดเกษตร). It’s one of the major morning markets where you’ll find all the ingredients used in southern Thai cooking from vegetables to fruit to all sorts of meat and seafood. At first when I arrived, my wife and I walked around for a few minutes just admiring all the delicious ingredients used in the cuisine of Phuket.

But along with the fresh ingredients at this Phuket market, one of the highlights of going is to eat breakfast, and there are many options available. If you want dim sum, there’s a famous restaurant on corner of the market that serves dim sum, and you’ll also find all sorts of curry stalls, stalls selling rice congee, and plenty of snack stalls and Thai dessert stalls as well.

The first thing that caught my attention was something called tua rang (ถั่วหรั่ง), which in English is called a bambara groundnut. This was my first time to see it in Thailand, and so I had to get a taste of it for my first snack. The little boiled bambara groundnuts tasted a lot like peanuts, but with a little more starchiness to them, sort of like a cross between a peanut and a bean. They were boiled and lightly salted, and I thought they made a wonderful hearty snack – and they were quite filling too. After eating some tua rang (ถั่วหรั่ง), we headed into the market and went to one of the many dessert and snack stalls. While sticky rice and mango is common, something you don’t see all over Thailand is khao neow na kanun (ข้าวเหนียวขนุน), sticky rice with jackfruit. The sticky rice, which was purple sticky rice, was cooked with coconut milk, and then topped with a handful of super ripe jackfruit. The jackfruit almost tasted like honey and bananas, and the sticky rice was rich and creamy, and slightly salty. A famous southern Thai dessert or snack is khao tom mad (ข้าวต้มมัด), sticky rice and a banana, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. This was a very good version, not too sweet, I think it may have just been naturally sweet from the coconut and banana.

After doing some snacking at Phuket’s Talad Kaset (ตลาดเกษตร) market, I was ready for something more substantial for breakfast – and that’s when I found a Thai roti stall, that was packed with customers and looked incredible. We pulled up some empty stools and order two different versions, roti kai kub kaeng neua (โรตีไข่ กับ แกงเนื้อ) and roti mataba (โรตีมะตะบะ). The roti kai kub kaeng neua (โรตีไข่ กับ แกงเนื้อ) was a roti filled with egg and served with beef curry on the side. It was incredible, packed full of egg, crispy on the outside, and the creamy rich curry was delicious with it. The roti mataba (โรตีมะตะบะ) was also fantastic, one of the better versions I’m had in Thailand. The roti was filled with a mixture of egg, minced beef, and onions, then fried until crispy. Sitting on a stool at this Phuket market, enjoying roti, was highly memorable, and the roti’s were marvelous.

Talad Kaset (ตลาดเกษตร) is a local fresh wet market in Phuket. It’s a great place to come to see local life, learn about all the ingredients used in Phuket food, and to eat breakfast. If you love markets, don’t miss Talad Kaset (ตลาดเกษตร) when you’re in Phuket Town!

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