The popular Welsh town that still feels like an independent kingdom


Different cities have unique niches. You acquire your family members to Newquay if you want to surf, to Bath for Roman ruins, to Stratford upon Avon for Shakespeare. And if you can&#x2019t stand any of them and you just want to curl up with a reserve, you acquire them to Hay-on-Wye, a minimal Welsh sector city exactly where one,600 citizens share 20-ish bookshops and a seemingly infinite amount of cosy studying crannies.

On the confront of it, all those figures don&#x2019t make perception. Undoubtedly all those bookshops can&#x2019t keep solvent. Are they all lacking an economics shelf? Is the city operate by bibliophile thugs who pummel non-compliant shopkeepers with the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary?

The reality, as you most likely know, is that Hay has a huge…

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