The Faroe Islands to ‘close for maintenance’ in 2020


The Faroe Islands will near to the community for 3 times up coming calendar year, in a bid to protect its fragile ecosystem and defend alone from the outcomes of overtourism.

Just 100 volunteers will be permitted on to the islands from April 15&#x201317&#xA02020. In return for absolutely free lodging, foodstuff and transportation, they will choose section in upkeep jobs to aid protect the islands.

Fourteen vacationer websites will be shut to the community, which include Sl&#xE6ttaratindur &#x2013&#xA0the best mountain in the Faroes. The very last extend of the wander is not now risk-free, so a new route will be bolstered and signposted.

The Danish territory has found a spike in vacationer figures in latest yrs. In 2013, 68,000 travellers produced the excursion right here….

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