Reviewed: the best ski goggles for 2019/20


Souped up new lenses that make it easy to see lumps and bumps in the snow, or change from light to dark in a flash as conditions change, as well as a fresh crop of minimal frames to give wider field of view – with the latest innovations in ski googles, seeing really is believing.

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Best for style with specs

Cebe EXO OTG, £139

Not only do these magnetic-lens goggles look the business, they do the biz for glasses wearers.

cebe goggles

Magnets at nine contact points make lens switching easy even with goggles on // Strategic inside space at sides and over nose gives room for specs – and, bonus, thanks to the magnetic lens it’s easy to use reading glasses on the go // Two contrast-enhancing mirrored lenses in the box, brown for bright and amber for dull conditions // Spherical lens and almost frameless design combine for a wide, realistic view

Best for bragging rights

Smith I/O Mag Austin Smith, £256

They’re pricey, but as the signature pair of Smith and The North Face-sponsored snowboarder Austin, they come with neat extras.

smith goggles

That grabby gold is the colour of the TNF suit Austin used to stay warm during a season camping in a fire engine //  Pictures of the suit inside the strap // Delivered in a duffel-shaped goggle bag/washbag // Easy lens switching thanks to magnets and a release lever // Two high-contrast lenses, one for bright days, one for storms // Rimless design gives big field of vision
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Best for small faces

Scott Muse Pro, £75

Good-value, and in a range of cool colours these are sized to suit teens, women or finely-featured guys.

scott goggles

Spherical lens delivers a distortion-free view // All-round purple-chrome mirrored lens enhances contrast and clarity in mixed sunny/overcast conditions – and looks pretty snazzy too // Vents in the lens keep air flowing for extra anti-fogging power
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Best for a massive field of view

Dragon Alliance PXV, £160

New wraparound Panotech lens from Dragon combines a coolly distinctive look with maximum peripheral vision in these large-fit lookers.

dragon goggles

Dragon’s Panotech lens is injection moulded into its impressive curve rather than bent, helping visual accuracy // Frameless for even more view // All round Red Ion Lumalens deflects glare and helps bumps and other obstacles pop out // Lens repels water, dirt and oil // And has beefed up, extra strong anti-fog coating too 

Best for perfect fit for every face

Salomon S/Max Sigma, £220

As well as a simple new lens-change system these have a clever frame that moulds to comfortably suit any face shape.

salomon goggles

Buttons on each side of the lens make it easy to swap them on the go, a solid click shows when they’re fixed in place // Pop off all-purpose sky blue lens to swap in light blue spare when clouds close in // Both enhance contrasts so it’s easy to spot changes in snow and terrain // Can be worn over glasses

Best for looking good for less

Bollé Nevada, £89

Minimal, flat and with vents on the lens that combine function with a cool form, these are the epitome of great-value style.

bolle goggles

Wrap-around barely-there frame gives an XL field of view in an M/L sized package // Lens as well as frame vents help air flow for clear vision // The flat lens gives realistic vision at a low price // The Sunrise lens with red mirror suits bright and varied conditions, and combats glare

Best for bossing the bumps

Oakley Fall-Line, £180

These clean-cut frameless looks are backed up by a top-end mogul-defining lens.

oakley goggles

Oakley’s Prizm lens ramps up contrast and definition so bumps are easy to see // This Jade Iridium version keeps things clear through sun and cloud // No frame and a massive wrap add up to extra peripheral vision in a medium size // Subtle notches at inner temples for glasses-wearers // Spare lenses available separately
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Best for barely-there feel

Von Zipper ALT XM, £90

Since it’s the lens that gives this ultra-slimline pair their structure they’re hard to beat for featherweight elegance.

von zipper goggles

ALT stands for alternative lens thing, combining the lightness of sunglasses with the all-round eye protection and peripheral vision of goggles // Still room for triple layer face foam to make them comfy // Wild Stellar Chrome contrast-enhancing lens suits bright to variable conditions // Huge field of vision with the lens shaped for clarity all the way to the corners // Yes, they do fit with a helmet

Best for going higher

Shred Amazify, £150

When the lens of these wide-screen lookers comes under pressure at high-altitude, Shred’s NoDistortion valve makes sure it doesn’t change shape and affect vision – how canny.

Shred goggles

Shred’s NoDistortion valve matches pressure inside and outside the double lens // It also stops water getting inside the lens to cause fogging // Elegantly flat lens is moulded into shape rather than bent, cutting distortion at the edges // Green Plasma Reflect lens suits bright sunlight and makes lumps and bumps easy to spot // Vent foam repels water to prevent clogging // Uncomplicated, pop-out lens-change system – spares available separately

Best for bang for your buck

Panda Cobalt, £119

With magnetic lens changing tech, two lenses plus a fancy box, these have some top-notch features for the money.

panda goggles

Eight magnetic contact points make lenses easy to change in seconds when conditions change // This mirrored Pear Green lens protects against glare in bright conditions; second Maize Yellow version helps pick out lumps and bumps when clouds come over // Can be worn over glasses // Frameless design gives wide view

Best fo the appliance of science

Atomic Count 360º HD, £160

Count on these, thanks to next level lens construction that ramps up clarity, fog prevention and field of view.

atomic goggles

Laminated double lens construction with no air gap helps give clearer vision by damping down reflections and refractions // Also eliminates the chance of between-lens fogging and won’t distort when atmospheric pressure changes // As well as a realistic view, the spherical Revo Mirror lens improves definition and depth perception by enhancing blue and red light // Minimal frame along with the lens construction helps gives massive peripheral vision // Frame is extra flexible for instantly comfortable fit
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Best for spotting the ice

Zeal Optics Portal, £125

Tricked out with Zeal’s latest auto-adjusting lens these not only change colour to suit bright or dull conditions they make icy patches more visible.

zeal goggles

Automatic + RB lens changes from a light to a deeper coloured rose in less than 10 seconds as conditions change // Lens is polarised to pick out colour, relieve tired eyes and combat glare // In this RB lens, the polarisation makes ice more visible // Minimal frame helps deliver wide peripheral vision // Easy lens change system with magnets and spare lenses available 

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